HT1060SE /HT1060E /HT1060S Die Cutting And Stripping Machine

  • HT1060SE Die Cutting And Stripping Machine

HT1060SE /HT1060E /HT1060S Die Cutting And Stripping Machine

Mainly used for deep embossing and cold and hot embossing of fine printed products such as carton and color box in the packaging industry, such as cigarette box, wine box, gift box, cosmetics box, food box, puzzle, etc, to make the products more three-dimensional and exquisite.
12 individual heating zones is eciency and energy-ecient.
Machine adopts reinforcement design to make it withstand strong pressure.
Central line system in die cutting and stripping unit.
Accurate positioning can increase production eciency.
The up/down movement of upper stripping frame is controlled by motor.
Stripping frame can be lifted automatically when not needed.

  • Temperature controlled by PLC, save power consumption
  • 550T Pressure
  • Highest speed 8000s/h


Max.Paper Size 1060X740 mm
Min.Paper Size 400X360mm
Max.Cutting Size 1040X730mm
Max.Pressure 550T/550T/300T
Die-cutting Precision ±0.075mm
Inside Chase Size 1050X740mm
Height of Cutting Rules 23.8mm
First Cutting Rule 10mm
Min.Gripper Margin 9mm
Heating Zone 12zones/12zones/-
Temperature 0-190°c/0-190°c/-
Max.Feeding Pile Height (incl.pallet) 1750mm
Max.Delivery Pile Height (incl.pallet) 1600mm
Max.Cutting Speed 8000s/h
Max.Die-cutting and Stripping Speed 8000s/h/-/8000s/h
Thickness of Cardboard 80g/㎡~2000g/㎡
Thickness of Corrugated Paper ≤4mm
Total Power 38kw/36kw/18kw
Weight 21T/18T/18T


1060SE layout


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