Installation and Relocation

Installation and Relocation of Die-Cutting Machines

Do you need die-cutting machine relocation or installation support? Huatai is an expert in providing these services upon your request.

Our Services

If you need visible and great impact for your business using complex process including commissioning and installation, Huatai can provide the best support for you. We have years of experience to help you cut down commissioning cost and time while providing superior reliability.

If you need recommissioning and installing, rest assured that Huatai will check the machines to make sure that all its parts are adjusted. Our team will also instruct all your personnel about the parameterized machine parts.

As a professional manufacturer, we also provide installation of dismantled machine components. This service also covers testing the machine’s software and functionality.

How Huatai Can Support Your Business

Huatai is committed to providing end-to-end disassembly or assembly of different automatic die-cutting machines. We will make sure that your unit will function according to its workflow.

  • You can provide us with layout proposals and we will offer adaptation as well as designs
  • We offer full transport of your machine
  • Installation services are guaranteed
  • All regulations and standards for machine quality or designs are complied
How Huatai Can Support Your Business
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