HT1060T Excellent Foil Stamping Machine

  • HT1060T Excellent Foil Stamping Machine

HT1060T Excellent Foil Stamping Machine

Used for carton box, hand bag, label foil stamp, die cut, hot and cold emboss.

Equipped with 3 longitudinal and 2 traversal foil shafts.

Mitsubishi and Panasonic PLC and 9 sets of Yaskawa servo motor from Japan.

Paper slows down when approachs front layer to ensure stamping accurate.

A blowing foil separation device used for large area foil stamping.

  • Hologram stamping is option
  • Max foil stamping speed 7500s/h
  • Large Area Foil Stamp
  • Detail Foil Stamp
  • Embossing Foil Stamp
Max.Paper Size 1060X740mm
Min.Paper Size 400X360mm
Max.Cutting Size 1040X730mm
Max.Foil Stamping Size 1030X730mm
Inside Chase Size 1050X740mm
Height of Cutting Rules 23.8mm
First Cutting Rule 10mm
Min.Gripper Margin 9mm
Max.Foil Stamping Speed 7500s/h
Max.Cutting Speed 7500s/h
Max.Hologram Speed (Option) 6500s/h
Max.Pressure 300T
Die-cutting Precision ±0.075mm
Heating Zone 16zones
Foil stamping and Heating Temperature 0~190°C
Max.Feeding Pile Height (incl.pallet) 1630mm
Max.Delivery Pile Height (incl.pallet) 1450mm
Thickness of Cardboard 80g/㎡~2000g/㎡
Thickness of Corrugated Paper ≤4mm
Weight 21T
Total Power 38KW
Compressed air 0.8MPa
Air flow 0.6m³/Min



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