• HT810T Excellent Heavy-duty Foil Stamping Machine

HT810T Excellent Heavy-duty Foil Stamping Machine

For Hang tag, trademark, carton box, handbag and other fine printing product foil stamp, die cut, crease, hot and cold emboss. Standard vertical three-axis hot stamping. Six-axis stamping and hologram is option.

This is a high-performance equipment with better performance to meet customers’ requirements for higher product quality and higher productivity.

  • Excellent productivity
  • Foil re-winder is option
  • Hologram is option
  • 6 shafts is option
Max.Paper Size 810X610mm
Min.Paper Size 320X260mm
Max.Cutting Size 800X600mm
Max.Foil Stamping Size 780X580mm
Max.Cutting Speed 9000s/h
Max.Foil Stamping Speed 9000s/h
Max.Hologram Speed (Option) 7500s/h
Max.Pressure 500T
Foil stamping and Die-cutting Precision ±0.075mm
Inside Chase Size 815X620mm
Height of Cutting Rules 23.8mm
First Cutting Rule 12mm
Min.Gripper Margin 7mm
Heating Zone 10zones
Heating Temperature 0~190°C
Max.Feeding Pile Height (incl.pallet) 1480mm
Max.Delivery Pile Height (incl.pallet) 1360mm
Thickness of Cardboard 80g/㎡~2000g/㎡
Thickness of Corrugated Paper ≤4mm
Feeding Shafts 3/6 (OPTION)
Weight 13T
Total Power 45KW




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